Baxter Wellmon

2019 Inductee

Since 1996, Baxter Wellmon became and continues to be one of the principal owners of QEM inc. and affiliated companies (Big Spring Rail System, Transport Handling Specialists, Transport Rail Sector, and Chester & Cumberland Investments) and other related companies. Baxter has held various senior management positions at Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail), including directly reporting to the Chairman of the Board. Prior to Conrail and starting in 1967, he managed the equipment financing at the New York Central System and at Penn Central managed the acquisition and divestiture of subsidiaries as well as the investments of a multimillion dollar railroad pension fund. At Penn Central, Baxter reported directly to the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board.

During 1974-1975 he was a member of the United States Railroad Association (USRA) that oversaw the creation of Conrail. It was at USRA Baxter worked closely with future chairmen the Board of Conrail. He had also worked closely with Dr. Edwards Deming (world renowned pioneer in statistical quality) in Washington, D.C. during the period 1974-1976 and at Conrail, as an Operating General Manager, in 1981 while implementing a TQM process at 3,000 person operating division. In addition, during the period of 1997 to 1999 Mr. Wellmon was part of William Conways (nationally recognized leader in the advancement of statistical quality control) team which provided organizations assistance in implementing quality processes with many corporations.

Mr. Wellmon has helped many large and small organizations around the globe to continuously improve the work processes that contribute the most to bottom-line success. He has brought the expertise of some of the worlds leading experts in management/environment safety and employee education to assist companies in achieving their strategic operational, environmental, safety and risk reduction objectives.

Mr. Wellmon graduated from Union City Area High School-Class of 1964. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Administration-Finance from Gannon University and a Masters Degree in International Finance from Temple University. Prior to the consolidation of schools into Union City, he attended Bloomfield School, Lincolnville, Pa. Mr. Wellmon lived at Canadohta Lake until graduating from college in 1967.

Summary of Professional Experience:
Current positions:
Transport Handling Services, Inc.-Chairman and CEO
QEM, Inc.-Chairman and CEO
Jacinto Rail Corp. Cofounder and board member
Big Spring Rail System, Inc.-Cofounder and board member
Transport Rail Sector, LLC-Managing partner (Equipment Leasing)
Chester and Cumberland Investment, LLC-Managing partner

Past positions:
Conway Management Company-Mid Atlantic Region Director (Philadelphia, PA)
Consolidated Rail Corp-(VP Quality, Diversional General Manager, Treasurer, Director of Acquisitions and Mergers, Financing Director-Equipment Financing and Corp, Line of Credit) (Philadelphia, PA)
United States Rail Association-Chief of Financial Analysis (Washington, D.C.) Penn Central Transportation Corp-(Treasurer, Director of Finance, Director of Acquisitions and Mergers) Philadelphia, PA.
New York Central System-Equipment Financing Associate (New York, NY) Pennsylvania Truck Lines, Inc.-Treasurer and Board Director Buckeye Pipes, Inc.-Director of Finance and Strategic Planning Merchants Dispatch Transportation Company-Controller and Board Director

College year, business positions:
Sears and Roebuck, Erie, PA-Assistant Manage Hardware Department Union Service Oil and Gas Company (Union City and Corry, PA-Gas station attendent

God/community/social involvement-Mr. Wellmon is a long time member of Calvary Lutheran Church, West Chester, Pa., and had been active for years as a Scout Leader for both the Boy and Girl Scouts, High School Youth Leader and Adult Church Leader for Appalachia Service Missions. He has responded by providing guidance to address several local community, school and social needs and had been very active in restructuring of leadership within the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Eastern.

Recently he returned to Canadohta Lake and the Union City Area to live part of each year. Here he has had the privilege to support several vital community initiatives, such as scholarships toward further education for Union City High School graduates; through the Union City Area School District Foundation, contributed to an outreach program helping student and their families in need in the district, and funded educational programs at the Union City Free Library and the Union City Art Center.

Union City Area High School Activities/School Spirit as a student: Mr. Wellmon was very active in sports, and lettered four years in wrestling, two years in football, one year in weightlifting, one year in track and two years in UClan. He was class president for all four years while in high school and on student council for two years.

Family and childhood years: Mr. Wellmon was born in Union City July 19, 1946, and lived in Canadohta Lake in Crawford County until he graduated from Gannon College in Erie, Pa. He moved to Ossining, NY, when he started work for the New York Central Station in June 1967. He traveled on the Hudson Line of the Railroad to work in Manhattan until late 1968 when he moved to West Chester, Pa., to work in Philadelphia for the Penn Central Transportation Corporation. From 1974 through 1975, he moved and worked in Washington, D.C. for the federal government on a project to revitalize the railroad industry. In 1976, he moved back to work in Philadelphia for Conrail.

His parents owned the Lakeview Restaurant and Rental Cabins at Canadohta Lake. There he and his two brothers helped their parents run the business and they loved to fish, boat, swim, and just play on and around the lake. Several years later his parents moved a few doors from the restaurant when his dad bought a different business and a horse riding academy. The Wellmons finally built a new house closer to the horse stables, which was located a short distance from the lake.

Mr. Wellmon married his High School sweetheart Suzanne. Although he and his wife would visit Canadohta Lake and Union City over the years they always seemed to want to have a place again at the lake. It was not until 2010 that they finally acquired a summer home that looked out onto the lake. Since then they have enjoyed boating on their pontoon boat, kayaks and canoes. The ending sunsets are most exquisite. Several of their children and grandchildren love their summer visits.

Since 1976 when the Wellmons built their home in West Chester, they share their lives with their three children and later seven grandchildren. The home looks out onto Chester Creek, woods and in the backyard is a colonial spring house, pond and flower gardens. Mr. Wellmon loves his flowers and succulents. His most prized garden is his butterfly garden which brings great joy to him.

Mr. Wellmon’s greatest love is his wife and best friend, Suzanne. He is happiest when he is with her. They enjoy gatherings with family and friends, church activities, traveling and spending time with their grandchildren. His children and grandchildren bring great joy to his life and he is so proud of each of them.