Dr. Joseph Vergona

2016 Inductee

Dr. Joe Vergona is a longtime resident on the Union City Area. Dr. Vergona graduated from Californais University of Pennsylvania in 1964 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education. Upon graduation he began his teaching career at the Plum Boro School District. He then moved on to teach at the Kiski Area School District until from 1967-1973. During this time Dr. Vergona completed the necessary schooling to earn his Master’s Degree from West Virginia University and eventually his Principals’ Certificate from Duquesne University.

In 1973, Dr. Vergona accepted the position of Elementary Principal here at Union City. It was a position he would serve in with dedication and professionalism for twenty-nine years until his retirement in 2002. During his time as principal, Dr. Vergona helped oversee the construction of the Union City Elementary School, the Union City Swimming Pool, and the eventual remodeling and renovation of the Union City Elementary School. Dr. Vergona served the youth of Union City with a compassionate, caring, and firm direction. He was a leader in the building for both the students and faculty, guiding the developing education of our children to help prepare them for their eventual transition in the middle school. Dr. Vergona supported the youth of our community and was always in regular attendance for school sponsored extra-curricular activities.

While acting as principal, Dr. Vergona was also a professor of several educational course at Gannon University. He also completed his Doctorate in Education in 1998, graduating from Nova Southeastern University. After his retirement in 2002, Dr. Vergona continued to teach as a professor at Gannon.

Dr. Vergona was an active member of the Union City community during his time here. He served as member of the Union City Lion’s Club, holding the position of president for part of the thirty years he was active in the Lion’s Club. Dr. Vergona also served on the Knights of Columbus, was the CCD coordinator and served on the finance committee at St. Teresa’s Church, and was on the Board of Incorporator’s for the Union City Memorial Hospital. Dr. Vergona’s tireless service and efforts in helping to education the youth of Union City have had a part in the success stories of hundreds, if not, thousands of Union City’s graduates.

Dr. Vergona is now happily enjoying retirement with his wife Pam and currently resides in Somerset, PA.