Richard A. "Dick" Mason

2019 Inductee

Richard A. (Dick) Mason was born in Corry and raised in the neighboring community of Spring Creek. He attended and graduated from Youngsville High School. During high school, he played football and baseball. As a young adult he continued his sports career in community baseball, softball, and volleyball programs in the Corry area.

Mr. Mason was an entrepreneur at an early age-he started his own dairy farm at the age of 12. At some point he found he had a surplus in the milk his small herd was providing and ended up selling a quart to the neighbor, then a gallon to another, which grew into a small community business. This endeavor taught the value of hard work and birthed the love of the dairy business.

Richard started his (formal) career sweeping floors in the local milk plant (a Dairylea facility.). He then volunteered for the army and joined the Korean War, during which he served in the military police, rising to the rank of Sergeant.

When he returned home from the war he resumed his career with Dairylea soon being promoted to Operations Manager in Sherman. While spending some of his down time at a local recreational facility - The Canadohta Roller Rink. It was at the rink that he met his future wife Diane Robatzen.

Richard worked in the dairy business (Dairymen’s League/Dairylea) for 50-plus years during which time he held positions of: Plant Foreman, Farm Inspector, Field Rep (Mgr. of Inspections and Logistics Coordinator), Operations Manager (Sherman and Clymer), Division Manager and Regional Director.

During the growth of his career (and family), Richard and Diane returned to Canadohta and purchased the roller rink where they met! Richard and Diane operated the rink for 24 years. During which time they made their mark on the Union City community. Countless families, young couples and children were influenced by Mr. Mason’s friendly approach, humor and fair play while getting some great exercise. Some regulars felt that Dick was the real entertainment at the rink, the skating was a added bonus.

In addition, to his full-time job with Dairylea and running the family business Mr. Mason also contributed countless hours as a community volunteer: School Board (President), Hospital Board (Chairman), Congregational Council, Lions Club (President), DIEA (President, Dairy Institute, Erie Area).

Mr. Mason spent many years on the Union City Area School Board, he served as President of the Board for a good portion of those years. If you visit the School District swimming pool you may well have noticed his name engraved on a plaque in the lobby dedicating the pool and his commitment to the project as a board member. He counseled over many changes during his school board tenure: a teacher strike, construction and dedication of the elementary school, including the aforementioned swimming pool complex, many staff adjustments, as well as budgeting and the day-to-day business operations. Richard was appointed membership of the local Intermediate Unit, IU5 (Regional Board for local school districts) representing UCASD. As young parents Richard and Diane were active in the advent of the kindergarten program for the district. He kept the communities needs and best interests in mind as a member of the hospital board while the hospital went through downsizing and a merger.

As a Lion, Dick awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship (the highest form of recognition by the Lions).

Richard is an avid golfer-he has had a membership at the Union City Country Club for more than 50 years. He has performed a number of stints as a CC board member. He has shot four holes-in-one! You will find him on them course more days than not during the season.

Richard is now retired, he continues to reside at Canadohta with his wife Nancy where he enjoys the value of family and friends.