Shirley Ludwig

2015 Inductee

Shirley Ludwig worked as Secretary at Union City Elementary School for thirty-one years.  However, the term "secretary" was a minimal reflection of her character and impact she had on Union City School District and the community.  Shirley was the brick and mortar that held the Elementary School together.  Her actual duties included office manager, part-time principal, extended mother/grandmother, staff counselor, confidante, friend, mediator between concerned parents and teachers, and an all-around ambassador for public education; specifically the quality of education provided by the Union City Area School District.

Shirley always put herself on the backburner to attend to the needs of her staff and the nurturing of her school children to ensure their success.  She knew how to best deal with the public and was a people person that had the respect of the public and the faculty.  The motto in the Elementary Building when something needed done was, "call Shirley".  Many students with difficulties were set on the right path under Shirley's guidance. 

As time passed and children grew up, it was not uncommon during the holidays for old students to return to the Elementary Building just to see Shirley.  She had a way of making you feel better by her kind and thoughtful words or her famous hugs.  Sometimes they were proudly dressed in full military uniform, sometimes introducing a new husband/wife, and sometimes showing off that new college diploma.  Shirley remained a part of many students' lives long after leaving Elementary School.  Upon her retirement, Shirley became the only staff member in the history of the Union City Elementary School to have an entire assembly program dedicated to them on the day of their retirement.

Shirley was a valued member of the Union City Country Club Board of Directors for eighteen years.  She was the chairperson for many in house tournaments that raised funds for several community programs in Union City.  Shirley is never at a loss for enthusiasm.  She is dedicated, loyal, ambitious, and precise.  She was the "rock" that hundreds if not thousands have counted on for many years.

Shirley was married to the late Lee Ludwig for fifty-two years.  She has two sons, James and Richard.  Shirley still calls Union City home and is proud to have been such an integral part of so many individual success stories of our Union City citizens.