CW5 Robert Ray Fladry

2013 Inductee

Retired CW5 Robert Ray Fladry is a 1967 graduate of Union City High School. CW5 Fladry's career envelops the entire litany of Army combat operations from two tours in Vietnam, to Grenada, the Persian Gulf Crisis, Panama, and the Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, the famed Black Hawk Down conflict in 1993.

CW5 Fladry's indisputable heroism as an Army aviator garnered awards of the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, multiple air medals, and as a recipient of the prestigious singular accolade; the American Legion's National Valor Award in 1990. CW5 Fladry was recognized for his career accomplishments by being inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame in 2007.

Selected for promotion on the Army's first CW5 promotion board, Fladry's more than 38-year career of instructor pilot service to the Army spans more than 26 years of active duty and 12 years of retired involvement as a Special Operations Aviation (SOA) civilian mission instructor.

Since retirement, CW5 Fladry has trained and qualified 136 Special Operations Aviation pilots and 26 Special Operations Aviation instructor pilots. CW5 Fladry accumulated 12,472 total flight hours, 806 hours in combat, 4,312 under night vision goggles, and 6,297 hours as an instructor pilot. His singular efforts, leadership, and valor have projected Army and Special Operations Aviation to the pinnacle of success and garnered him status as an "epitome standard" for other Army aviators to emulate.

CW5 Fladry's dedication, valor, and leadership in pioneering the advent of the current Special Operations Aviation principles, doctrine, and execution are selfless accolades to the success of the Army and Special Operations Aviation communities, and make him a worthy inductee.