Wesley Allen

2011 Inductee

Wesley Allen was a proud and active member of the Union City community for sixty-one years. He married Frances Jones Allen in 1935. Wesley worked in Williamsport in 1943 for the Air Force as an inspector for Lycoming Motors. While living in Union City he raised three daughters: Judith, Nancy, and Jean.

Wesley was often the referee for the men's football games which were held at the football field that was located on West High Street Extension. His first job in Union City was working at the Emblem Oil Station. Wesley also worked at Clark's Shoe Store and served as manager of the shoe department at Smiley's Store. Wesley served as the local Justice of the Peace from 1949-1959. He resigned from that position to become acting Postmaster at the Union City Post Office in 1959. He was then hired as the Manager of the Union City Municipal Authority in 1960 and worked there until he retired in 1973. While serving as the manager of the Municipal Authority he also attended Union City Borough Council meetings each month.

Wesley was active in countless community and civic affairs throughout his life in Union City. He helped raise funds to build the Union City Memorial Hospital and enjoyed sharing the story of how they split the town into different areas to go out and ask business people for money to build the hospital. Upon completion of the hospital he served on its Board of Incorporators for forty-eight years. Wesley was instrumental in the development of the Union City Country Club. He would spend his free time with Dr. Ledger picking up stones to help prepare the soil for seeding. Even though he did not play golf, he realized the benefits of a local golf course for Union City.

Wesley was also a member of the Erie-Crawford State Police. He volunteered at football games and helped direct traffic when needed at busy events in town. Wesley was a member and treasurer of the Community House Association for twenty-five years. During that time he helped get funding for Manly Heights and the Union City Estates. Wesley was also a member of the First United Methodist Church for sixty-one years where he served on many boards and worked as a volunteer to improve the church building and property. Wesley was a lifetime member and the first governor of the Union City Moose Lodge, the former director of the Home National Bank in Union City, a lifetime member of the Union City Fire Department, and was President of the Erie County Magistrate's Association.

Throughout his life in Union City, Wesley was always thinking about what was best for our community and how it could be improved to make it better. He always tried to teach his family and community members to volunteer in all phases of life. Wesley spent most of his life contributing and serving the Union City community. Even though he was not born in Union City, he felt Union City was a great place to live. During his sixty-one years as part of the Union City community he made this town a better place for everyone.